The company GECELCA 3 S.A.S E.S.P., identified with tax identification NIT 900.308.744 – 1, is a SPECIAL PERMANENT FREE TRADE ZONE (ZFPE) GECELCA 3 – (Standard Industrial User of Goods and Services) declared by DIAN Resolution 004557 of April 2011, for the development of the activity of providing the public service of generation and sale of electricity, under a special tax, customs and foreign trade regulation that grants tax benefits of zero (0) tariffs for imports and exemptions from Value Added Tax VAT for some activities.

Therefore, all commercial operations related to its corporate purpose, carried out with suppliers of the ZFPE industrial user, will be exempt from VAT (charging VAT at 0% rate) and will be entitled to the VAT paid on the purchase of raw materials, parts, inputs, and finished goods used for the manufacture of the good sold to the ZFPE. Therefore, VAT may be taken as deductible in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code, Article 481 (Exempt goods entitled to bimonthly refund).
Quotations and invoices must be made out to GECELCA 3 S.A.S. E.S.P., identified with tax identification NIT 900.308.744 – 1. The selected supplier, at the time of submitting the invoice, must state the following: “We are under Article 481 (E) of the Tax Code.”

The bidder must be registered with the RUT (Standard Tax Register) as a customs user (box 55: On responsibilities, qualities and attributes, code number 10) and in turn, be classified as importer (Code 23) and/or exporter (Code 22).


Natural and legal persons interested in being suppliers of GECELCA 3 S.A.S E.S.P., must previously register in our Supplier Database, for which they must enter the following link

For acceptance, you must fill out all the information and provide all the requested documents, otherwise your registration in the Database cannot be processed. The information provided by the supplier will be legally, financially and technically evaluated and the results will be notified by email.

For registration you can access from your computer, tablet or mobile. Any concern about the use of the Platform, can be communicated to PBX 7868600 or cell phones 312 500 1352 / 320 494 3360 or email:


For further information on legalization of contracts and orders, receipt of goods, returns, invoicing, payments, and contacts, please refer to the Supplier Instructions.