The Gecelca 3 power plant is located in the municipality of Puerto Libertador - Cordoba and has two generation units.

Both work with fluidized bed technology, an innovative system that allows the sustainable use of non-exportable thermal coal from the department of Cordoba.

Sala UNIT CONTROL ROOM: The units are equipped with a Remote Monitoring System to monitor the processes from the required location. 1 of 4 SPECIAL PERMANENT FREE TRADE ZONE GECELCA 3 2 of 4 FLUIDIZED-BED BOILER: Reduction of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, allowing great flexibility in terms of coal quality. 3 of 4 patio COAL YARD: The power plant has nearby sources of the fuel used: coal, which gives it the status of a pit-head power plant. 4 of 4