Energy that
builds a future
for everyone

We are the energy that moves the country

0 st
First plant in Colombia to use combustion technology with fluidized-bed boilers.
thermal generation units.
0 %
share of the demand for electricity in the Caribbean Region.
0 %
share of the national thermal park.
400 MW
of net effective capacity.

Committed to our people

We develop activities with the communities in our areas of influence under five areas of intervention: health, education, recreation and sports, income generation, and community support.

Income Generation

We transform possibilities into opportunities.

We lead ventures that contribute to the sustainable development of the region through productive projects that improve the quality of life of the communities, strengthen their capacity for self-management and generate social progress. In the areas of influence of the Gecelca 3 Thermal Power Plant, we promote agricultural, agribusiness and recycling initiatives, providing training and psychosocial support, and delivering materials, equipment and supplies for the productive units.

  • PRODUCTIVE NURSERY PROJECTS (Guaimaral Community).
  • ASOPROMAÑANA (Association of Yam Producers).
  • ASOCOVICAMPA (Cordoba Association of Victims, Small and Medium-Sized Agricultural Producers).
  • ASEPECOR (Association of Producers and Sellers of Corozalito).
  • ASORECIPLAS (Recyclers Association).


When there is health, there is wealth. Under this principle, GECELCA’s commitment to the communities is nonstop, carrying out brigades with specialists; Promotion and Prevention Talks; Deworming and oral health campaigns; and providing and improving the health infrastructure.

With the support of local hospitals, the municipal secretaries, and private entities, we carry out an annual health brigade with quality specialized medical care for the population of our areas of influence.

The brigades include consultations in general medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology, and psychology, as well drug prescriptions.


Education Transforming lives through education it means being a development source and progress for the country. For that reason at GECELCA, our main strategy is focused on improving the educational quality of children and young people in the areas of influence where we operate.

We offer a full scholarship to talented young people from the region in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering programs at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, includes the cost for the entire career, books, supplies, accommodation, food, transportation and all English levels.

The program began in 2012, and has benefited 13 young people. Four of them have already graduated.

In alliance with SENA, we formed the second Mining School in the country and the first in the Caribbean Region, training young people in different types of heavy machinery. We have classrooms for face-to-face and virtual class, machines and land for practices, and other resources that allow the student to successfully complete their process.

We also support the improvement of the infrastructure of educational institutions, the provision of classrooms and laboratories, induction programs to university life, math and Spanish language workshops, training in values and sexuality, and teacher training.

At the same time, we develop reforestation activities, recycling campaigns, clean-up days, and environmental training workshops in communities, while supporting School Environmental Projects (PRAE).

Recreation And Sports

At GECELCA, we do our best effort for our children and youth!

We do so through different activities to promote culture, recreation, and the use of free time. We also improve the infrastructure of sports institutions, provide sports equipment to educational institutions and communities, and install and improve playgrounds. At the same time, we support soccer championships, art schools, commemoration of special dates, movie evenings and Christmas celebrations.

Community Support

Beyond generating energy, our main purpose is to do good.

That is why we work tirelessly to support those who need it most. To this end, we lead activities to improve and provide community infrastructure, we do corporate volunteering, we provide ecological points, we train communities, and we provide psychosocial support to senior citizens through our Years of Plenitude program.

We also support government initiatives and offer training and education opportunities for leaders of Community Action Boards and Councils in leadership, emergency management, climate change and good use of resources.